We are excited to announce the release of MeetingBooster 1.2!

September 27th, 2013 – 0 Comments and Reactions
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Today we are very happy and excited to announce the release of MeetingBooster 1.2. Thank you to the many MeetingBooster users for your patience – we think you’ll agree it’s been worth the wait.

All-New Features:

1. Plugin for Outlook 2013 supported
2. Added ability to enter a “Meeting Purpose” into the Meeting Details when scheduling a meeting


3. The note taker’s topic card follows his/her navigation on the note card
4. Autosave notes when selecting another topic as well as resyncing the note card with the new topic picked
5. More details added to the Tools in the Meeting Minutes


6. French language is now available
7. Support for multiple signatures on the Meeting Minutes

Multiple Signatures

8. “Sync” button on the Note Card will not blink subtly when out of sync

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