How it works

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Schedule Meeting in Outlook

Schedule your meeting like a normal Outlook meeting. No change in scheduling.

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Create an Agenda

Create your agenda using MeetingBooster’s online Agenda module. Use templates, allocate topic times, and assign pre-meeting tasks.

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Run the Meeting

Run your onsite or online meeting using MeetingBooster Meeting module. Take notes, allocate tasks, use voting tools, etc.

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Auto-Generate Meeting Minutes

MeetingBooster auto-generates, distributes, and archives meeting minutes and tasks. Online storage makes it easy to access, review as well as update minutes and tasks.

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After The Meeting...

Manage Tasks and Action Items

MeetingBooster makes managing meeting action items simple. By assigning and distributing meeting action items, sending reminders and tracking progress, MeetingBooster creates accountability.

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Meeting Data in The Cloud

Instantly access past meeting minutes and update task status. Search and merge notes from various meeting minutes.

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Meeting Analytics

Analyze meeting data to identify the best meetings, hosts and attendees. Dashboard reports help measure meeting costs, attendance and gap analysis.

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Management & HR Benefits

Managers can view direct reports’ meeting activity and HR can use feedback data during performance reviews.

Feedback & Improvements

Provide feedback to hosts and attendees and offer suggestions for improving meetings procedures.

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Better Meetings from Start to Finish!

  • Streamline Agenda’s, Note Taking and Minutes
  • Built-in Action Item System
  • Auto distribute & Archive Minutes
  • Performance/Costs Dashboards
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