Implementation Scope

MeetingBooster breaks down the implementation process into three distinct stages: Access, Configure and Deploy. The phases are flexible and cover the technical and functional aspects of every installation. Stages are often executed concurrently, while maintaining clear milestones, deliverables and communication every step of the way.

Throughout the implementation process, workbook style documentation is provided to assist in customer configuration, security and content management, based upon user roles and teams.

Hosting and Deplyoment with MeetingBooster


  • Determine user groups
  • Determine permission protocols
  • Determine user/company structure
Access - usergroups and permissions


  • Set up company structure
  • Import users
  • Configure permission system
Configure MeetingBooster


  • Distribute user profiles and system plug-ins
  • Transition to customer's help desk team
  • Outline training plan
Deplyoment of MeetingBooster