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Create meeting agendas instantly with MeetingBooster. Use our many templates to make it simple to create the agenda, easy to assign action items, and effortless to collaborate.

Meeting Agenda Software Meeting Agenda Software Meeting Agenda Software
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Create Meeting Agendas Instantly with Our Stylish Templates

How many hours have you wasted, wrestling with making agendas? With MeetingBooster’s meeting agenda builder, you’ll leave that waste of time behind forever. You’ll create agendas with a single click giving you time for that extra cup of coffee.

You get:

  • Ready-to-use, elegant meeting agenda templates
  • Re-usable agendas for recurring meetings
  • Agenda file attachments
  • Topics assigned to specific presenters
  • Specific times allotted for each item in an agenda
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Track action items Track action items

Assign and Track Action Items

Drive accountability by delegating action items to attendees. Assign pre-meeting action items.

  • Option to display tasks on the meeting agenda
  • Track progress using the task management system
  • Track tasks by project
Collaborate easily Collaborate easily

Easily Collaborate On Creating the Meeting Agenda

Collaborate with colleagues on agenda items, file prep, and task delegation.

  • Allow co-organizers to edit the agenda and attach files
  • Receive feedback and topic requests from attendees
  • Approve the agenda when you’re satisfied
Collaborate easily
Digital packets Digital packets Digital packets

Meeting Agenda Digital Packet

Instantly create and distribute a comprehensive agenda packet for professional tone and team engagement.

  • Pre-made agenda styles included
  • Publish the agenda packet as PDF
  • Attached files are automatically embedded

Making an Agenda with MeetingBooster

Creating an agenda with MeetingBooster is more agile, more effective and better organized than using traditional Word documents etc. Further, the style and layout of the agendas will make you look like a rockstar! Here is how to do it:

Outline agenda

Outline The Agenda

When making an agenda you can choose a template (you can make your own templates) or start from scratch.

Simply type in a topic, create sub-topics and drag and drop topics around to change your outline. Much, much easier than using traditional text editors.

If you are collaborating with colleagues on the agenda, you can make them co-organizers, allowing them to edit the agenda and upload files.

Other attendees can submit topic suggestions that you can choose whether or not to include.

Add unfinished or parked topics from previous meetings to continue the conversation.

Outline agenda
Outline agenda

Attach files

Any good meeting starts with proper meeting preparation. Attach files to each topic for attendees to review. Any file format will do. Link to files on other drives such as SharePoint.

Files are embedded in the final PDF agenda. Participants can open (execute) the files directly from the agenda. This is different from what happens with many board meetings that make a snapshot of attachments, not allowing attendees to view the files in their native format.

Outline agenda

Allocate time

Ever struggled with assigning time to topics only to have to recalculate the time slots when re-organizing the outline? The agenda software has you covered with a time distributor. Just click a button and time slots are automatically updated and distributed.

Outline agenda
Outline agenda

Assign tasks

Make sure that people show up prepared by assigning preparation tasks. Tasks can be associated with topics, projects and teams.

Choose to include the pre-tasks on your agenda along with outstanding tasks for your team.

Outline agenda

Publish the agenda

The agenda software allows you to easily select styles and configure your agenda layout. Include your company’s logo, outstanding tasks and minutes from the previous meeting as an appendix to the agenda.

Send the agenda to attendees via an email with the agenda PDF attached. Participants can of course login and view the agenda directly in MeetingBooster.

If you need to publish the agenda on an official website, then download the agenda PDF and upload it to your website.

Outline agenda

Experience the power of MeetingBooster in your next meeting!

Don’t suffer through another meeting without MeetingBooster.

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