Get The Most Out of Your Recurring Meetings!

With Meeting Series, you can streamline your recurring meetings and optimize the outcomes. Setup the workflows and get an overview of your team’s action items with ease.

Schedule recurring meetings easily Schedule recurring meetings easily Schedule recurring meetings easily
Instant ROI

Ensure Instant ROI with MeetingBooster

Worried about that learning curve that is tied to implementing a new software? We have you covered! Simply setup Meeting Series and we will train your organizers and attendees. They will receive professional agendas, minutes in time, and have tasks dropping into their Outlook list before knowing how to fully use MeetingBooster.

  • Define and set up Meeting Series instantly
  • Turn organizers into instant Meeting Gurus
  • Engage attendees and empower your team
Instant ROI
Organized minutes all in one place

All the Minutes are in
One Place

Who has the minutes? Where are they? With Meeting Series you have instant access and overview of your teams minutes. Documents are organized, searchable and encrypted for enhanced security.

  • Overview minutes for the recurrent meetings with ease
  • Search and find decisions with a mouse click
  • Secure and encrypted archiving in one place
Action items overview

Overview Your Teams
Action Items

Keep your meetings organized! View all action items from each meeting in one place. Allow your team to collaborate on execution and empower them to get things done.

  • Overview action items in one interface
  • Update status and send reminders
  • Create Projects to define scope further
Action items overview
Decisions and outcomes Decisions and outcomes

Get a Consolidated Overview of Decisions

Struggling with overviewing decisions after a meeting? We’re here to help! Use the Decisions tab to see all decisions made in your recurrent meetings.

  • Easily lists all decisions from all meetings
  • Export decisions to Excel
  • Turn decisions into action items
Roll unfinished meetings easily

Roll Unfinished Business into the Next Meeting

Some meetings come to a halt for a variety of reasons and put a stop to your workflow. With MeetingBooster, the organizer can instantly roll unfinished topics onto the next agenda.

  • Roll topics and notes into the next agenda
  • Keep rolling topics until they are complete
  • Merge the notes for each of the topics in minutes
Roll unfinished meetings easily

Experience the power of MeetingBooster in your next meeting!

Don’t suffer through another meeting without MeetingBooster.

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