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The Illzach City Council Uses MeetingBooster to Simplify Executive Board Meetings

We have now been using MeetingBooster for several months. It has allowed us to meet the Mayor’s and councilors’ requests: spend less time organizing the meetings, write more concise minutes, and distribute them more quickly.

For what kind of meeting do you use MeetingBooster?

We use MeetingBooster for our Executive Committees and Management Committees, and are planning to extend its use to the project review meetings.

How did you operate before using MeetingBooster?

Until then I worked with an Excel spreadsheet, transferring into it the information forwarded by the various attendees. Now, the attendees can insert their suggestions in the collaborative agenda themselves. MeetingBooster has allowed each user to keep ownership of their discussion topics and to follow them up themselves. This also means I don’t have to spend as much time organizing meetings.

How does MeetingBooster help the organizer prepare for these meetings?

I prepare a template, and the attendees insert their topics directly in the correct places, add a description and include their attachments. MeetingBooster lets attendees add all the topics they want to discuss. It’s no longer up to me to collect all this information.

What are the three features of MeetingBooster which are essential for you?

The allocation of tasks, the ability to insert descriptions and attachments, and the collaborative agenda.

Do you spend less time preparing the agenda and he meeting minutes now?

The Mayor had asked us to make our meetings more concise, and our minutes shorter. MeetingBooster has allowed us to satisfy these demands by letting us create the meeting minutes on the fly, which results in a shorter, more relevant document.

How did you track the tasks before MeetingBooster? How is it done now?

The Services Department secretary did a regular follow-up to make sure people were completing their tasks, which was time-consuming. The ability to centralize all the tasks in progress is a real advantage for our different projects. Task tracking is now much more efficient, with no risk of losing information.

Does this allow administrators to delegate more of their tasks? Is the information communicated better with MeetingBooster?

Being able to follow-up on the progress of tasks allows administrators to delegate them with more confidence.

Until now, I distributed the meeting minutes two or three days after the end of the meeting. The attendees had to wait until they received them to find out about the tasks they had been assigned. Now, I only need a few hours, and the information is therefore distributed more quickly and more efficiently.

Before MeetingBooster, the organization of meetings was a cumbersome process. Now, our meeting management is much more fluid.

How does MeetingBooster help the meeting attendees?

MeetingBooster lets the attendees insert their topics in the meeting agenda themselves. They no longer need to go through an intermediary to do this for them. In addition, since the topic descriptions are in place from the beginning and the attachments can be viewed during the meeting, the attendees are fully aware of all the issues to be addressed.

How have you prepared users for the introduction of MeetingBooster?

MatchWare offered to organize a presentation of the application’s features to the users. This has allowed us to prepare those involved at every stage so that they could use MeetingBooster in the most efficient way.

Would you recommend MeetingBooster to other Town Halls?


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MeetingBooster has allowed us to formalize the minutes during the meeting and to distribute them shortly after the end of the meeting. Attendees no longer have to wait for several days to find out about their action items.

Preparing meetings is now much simpler: all the planned attendees can participate in the creation of the agenda by suggesting topics, including a description and attaching any relevant files.

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