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Monthly onboarding savings with meetingbooster
Total monthly savings with MeetingBoster
Total annual savings with MeetingBooster

Soft Benefits Identified by MeetingBooster Users

  • MeetingBooster saves time with employee handover and on-boarding.
  • MeetingBooster helps to normalize the meeting process and improve discipline.
  • MeetingBooster improves levels of employee satisfaction as a result of more transparent and inclusive meetings.
  • MeetingBooster reduces risk with compliance standards being maintained in an automated system.
  • MeetingBooster's defined workflow helps improve meetings.
  • MeetingBooster prevents security disasters with no downtime.

Further Results from the User Survey Include:

50% of users said that more was achieved from their meetings as a resule of the MeetingBooster task manager.

83% of users said that meeting attendees were more engaged and better prepared after MeetingBooster was introduced.

100% of users would recommend MeetingBooster.


  • 1 Average Hourly Rate = Annual Salary / Working Hours per Week * 52 Weeks
  • 2 Monthly Savings with MeetingBooster = (Minutes Saved per Meeting / 60 minutes) * Number of Meetings per month * Average Hourly Rate
  • 3 Time Saved per Employee = (30 min per week ) * (52 weeks - XX Weeks Vacation, sick, Holidays) / 12 months
  • 4 Monthly Attendee Savings with MeetingBooster = (Minutes Saved per Month / 60 minutes) * Number of Meetings per month * Average Hourly Rate
  • 5 US 2015 Turnover rates by Industry:
  • 6 From MeetingBooster User Survey results
  • 7 Monthly Onboarding Savings with MeetingBooster = Number of Employees participating in meetings * Turnover Rate * Average Hourly Rate * Hours Saved per Transfer / 12

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