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Learn how to optimize your meetings instantly! Send manager reports on how to run meetings more effectively or cancel the unproductive ones. Our meeting analytics is just what you have been waiting for!

Meeting Analytics
Meeting Analytics Meeting Analytics
Measure all meeting analytics

Measure All Aspects of Your Meetings

Do you want to know who is running effective meetings and who is not? MeetingBooster measures over 36 parameters of meeting data. By using MeetingBooster you will be able to answer questions such as: “Did the meeting start and end on time?”, “Was an agenda prepared?”, “Were any action items assigned?”, and “Were any notes and decisions taken?”.

  • Evaluate all aspect of the meeting
  • View data in various reports
  • Setup benchmark goals for your company
Measure all meeting analytics
Meeting performance reports

Performance and Opportunity Reports

Our reports provide management with an insightful overview on how they can improve the overall performance within the department. There are many reports available, with the most popular being the Performance and Opportunity Report that analyzes all data and reports into one consolidated view.

  • Choose from a variety of reports
  • Learn from top performers
  • Use Opportunity reports to save money or suggest improvements
Monitor all tasks

Monitor Tasks and Improve Accountability

Trying to increase accountability within your company? Our task system will let you overview tasks for every department, team, project, etc. Using the Accountability report is easy and effective, you will be able to rank those who finish their tasks on time. Overview tasks status for any aspect of the company.

  • Run Accountability reports
  • See who get things done!
Monitor all tasks
Receive feedback from meeting attendees

Get Feedback from Attendees

Are you constantly wondering if the stats are correct? Send out surveys for participants to receive feedback that is comparable with the meeting data. Easily setup a simple questionnaire and allow comments.

  • Activate the feedback system for human input
  • Allow attendees to leave comments
  • Include feedback in the reports

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