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Why use Meeting Minutes Software

Many organizations struggle with streamlining meeting procedures. The result of the numerous, non-formalized meetings tends to be a varying stockpile of meeting minutes documents. This lack of structure, organization and searchable archiving hinders organizations as they try to implement the decisions made during the meetings.

In an attempt to bring order from chaos, organizations are turning to meeting minutes software like MeetingBooster as a solution.

Benefits of Meeting Minutes Software

  • Follow a formalized agenda
  • Quick access to attendees for note documentation
  • MS Word style text formatting
  • Attach supporting files and reference hyperlinks
  • Meeting tools for decision making
  • Professional meeting minutes template styles
  • Automatic distribution to attendees
  • Online archiving
  • Permission system

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Understanding meeting minutes software

Meeting minutes are the instant written record describing the discussions, decisions and tasks that take place during a meeting. The primary reason for having these documents is to review and take action on decisions made or to continue discussions from previous meetings. Meeting minutes documents typically use one or more of the following styles, Action, Discussion or Verbatim styles.

Certain meeting types, like board meetings require specific elements and styles. Using meeting minutes software assists Note Takers to identify, document and correctly format various meetings. If you are struggling with meeting minutes, the use of meeting minutes software like MeetingBooster simplifies the process, adding accountability and consistency, increasing overall effectiveness.

MeetingBooster Meeting Minutes Software

There are several meeting minutes software tools on the market today, each boasting their own feature set. The fact remains that aside from a few bells and whistles, you can get the same outcome using traditional word processing software like MS Word. MeetingBooster is unique in that it is built on a permission system, requiring user access to view meeting information. This means that your data is safe and only accessible to the specified users. This extends throughout the system and is the foundation for the meeting module. Hosts can easily invite registered users, and note takers can access the users during the running of the meeting. When the meeting is adjourned, the meeting minutes software portion will distribute the formalized minutes to the attendees and will archive the document, making it available for authorized users to access.

MeetingBooster was built as a professional tool and is not meant for short sporadic meetings. If you are serious about formalizing meeting procedures, and maximizing results from your meetings, MeetingBooster meeting minutes software will rise to the occasion. With added features such as meeting tools for voting, pro-con and rating, combined with an intuitive note taking module, you are guaranteed better results by using the system. With full integration to popular webinar tools like GoToMeeting, you can easily host onsite or online meetings - even run a combo style meeting! With the ability to assign user roles such as host, presenter and note taker, you can ensure that your audience remains engaged, while the important data is being captured, organized and archived automatically.

When accessing past meeting minutes documents, MeetingBooster provides a proprietary search and merge function allowing a user to search across multiple meetings and select topics, tasks or notes that are related to a specific search term and merge the results into one consolidated document. This makes the review process painless, leading to increased accountability and overall effectiveness. Don't forget, users are only able to access information that they have been authorized to see, so data integrity is maintained from start to finish.

Why MeetingBooster is the best meeting minutes software

  1. Easily capture discussions and decisions
  2. Automatically generate a formalized meeting minutes document
  3. Distribute meeting minutes to attendees and teams
  4. Archive meeting minutes for future access
  5. Permission system

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