Learn how to write a business meeting agenda

A business meeting without an agenda is likely to quickly veer off course, resulting in wasted time and minimal results. A well thought out business meeting agenda will help maintain focus and maximize productivity.

If you're looking for a fast and easy way to create an effective business meeting agenda for your next meeting, software like MeetingBooster can help.

Here is a sample of a business meeting agenda that was made using MeetingBooster:

business meeting agenda
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Business Meeting Agenda Benefits

There are many reasons to prepare a carefully planned business meeting agenda:

  • Informs meeting participants of what topics will be covered
  • When distributed in advance, gives participants time to prepare
  • Serves as a checklist of topics for discussion and decisions to be made
  • Maintains participants' focus on the specified goals
  • Keeps the discussion focused on the specified topics

Business Meeting Agenda Objectives

The first step in creating an effective business meeting agenda is establishing the objective of your meeting. Some examples of possible business meeting agenda objectives include:

  • Decision making
  • Strategic planning
  • Information sharing
  • Status updates
  • Goal setting
  • Problem solving
  • Crisis management
  • Performance assessment
  • Process improvement
  • Training/workshops
  • Brainstorming
  • Consulting/soliciting feedback
  • Task assignments
  • Policy/procedure reviews
  • Team building

Business Meeting Agenda Topics

Selecting the topics for your business meeting agenda

Once you have determined the objective of your meeting, you can select the topics to include in your business meeting agenda based on that objective.

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Business Meeting Agenda: Next Steps

Once you have listed your business meeting agenda topics, it is important to add the following to your agenda:

Specify the time allotted to each agenda topic

To keep your business meeting on track, it is important to determine how much time to dedicate to each topic. Referring to previous business meeting agendas can help you accurately estimate how much time to allot for the discussion of each topic.

Assign preparation tasks in advance

In order to ensure that all meeting participants come prepared, it is important to assign specific preparation tasks as far in advance as possible.

Meeting agenda software like MeetingBooster can help to creates task oriented business meeting agendas including pre-meeting tasks such as budget preparation, status updates and more.

Determine the presenter of each agenda topic

The final step in creating an effective business meeting agenda is designating the presenter of each topic. When the agenda is distributed in advance, this will ensure that participants come prepared to present their assigned topics.

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Business Meeting Agenda Samples

Creating a business meeting agenda can be a tedious job if you start from scratch. If you don't have time to waste and are looking for an effective tool to help you create a business meeting agenda quickly and easily, MeetingBooster's Business meeting agenda samples are a great option.

View business meeting agenda samples here

Create a Business Meeting Agenda Template

Once you've created your business meeting agenda, why start over each time you plan a business meeting? MeetingBooster lets you save your business meeting agenda online as your own customizable template. You can even share your template with colleagues to align business meeting procedures and allow everyone to access it to create future business meeting agendas.

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Why MeetingBooster Business Meeting Agendas?

MeetingBooster creates effective business meeting agendas using these unique features:

  • Electronic topic suggestion system
  • Easy and effective tool to write and save agendas
  • Powerful topic time allotment tool
  • Pre-meeting task allocation tool
  • Automatic agenda distribution

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