Minutes of Meeting Templates

Using minutes of meeting templates

Minutes of meetings provide written summaries of the discussions that take place and the decisions that are made in meetings. They provide a valuable record for future reference and ensure transparency within an organization. However, creating accurate minutes of meetings can be a challenging and time consuming task. That's where minutes of meeting templates come in.

Minutes of meeting templates simplify the minute taking process by providing an easy to use structure for recording information and producing professionally formatted documents at the click of a mouse!

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Minutes of Meeting Templates Tips:

When using minutes of meeting templates, it is important to ensure that the template complies with company standards and contains the following basic information:

  1. Attendance (those present and those invited but unable to attend)
  2. Meeting start and end times and location
  3. A record all relevant discussions, decisions, conclusions and action items

Minutes of meetings templates from software like MeetingBooster make it easy to take and distribute accurate meeting minutes.

3 sections of Minutes of Meeting Templates

Use minutes of meeting templates to produce accurate minutes:

  1. Before the meeting – create a minutes of meeting checklist
  2. During the meeting – record the minutes of the meeting
  3. After the meeting – finalize, distribute and archive the minutes of the meeting

Minutes of Meeting Template Checklists

A minutes of meeting template checklist lays out the various steps involved in setting up a meeting and covers 4 main stages. This information will be included on the final minutes of meeting template.

  1. Preliminary Preparations - details such as setting the date, time and location of the meeting.
  2. Reminders and Agenda Packets – Meeting reminders, notifications and tentative agenda packets.
  3. Arrangements – Special guests, equipment and concessions.
  4. Final Preparations – Confirmations, final agenda packets and meeting minutes template.

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Using Minutes of Meeting Templates

Minutes of meeting template styles

There are three main styles of minutes of meeting templates:

  1. Action style minutes of meeting templates – record decisions reached and actions to be taken, but not the discussion that led to the decisions.
  2. Discussion style minutes of meeting templates – contain the same content as action style minutes of meetings, but also include the discussion that led to the decisions
  3. Verbatim style minutes of meeting templates – contain a word for word record of what was said in a meeting

Regardless of the minutes of meeting template style selected, the note taker must quickly capture a significant amount of information throughout the meeting, which is not an easy task. That's why software that provides minutes of meeting templates is becoming increasingly popular.

MeetingBooster allows note takers to quickly enter information on a template that is based on a formalized agenda. The note taker simply selects an agenda topic, enters the speaker's name, and notes what was said or decided. Taking minutes of meetings has never been easier!

Simplify minute taking with minutes of meeting templates!
Simplify minute taking with minutes of meeting templates!

Finalizing Minutes of Meeting Templates

After your meetings, why waste time retyping and formatting your notes when you can use minutes of meeting templates to quickly and easily generate polished, professionally formatted documents that are easy to review, share and store?

Minutes of meeting templates make creating accurate meeting minute documents effortless!

Distributing Minutes of Meeting Templates

Following a meeting, every attendee should receive a copy of the minutes. Manually sending copies can be a tedious and time-consuming task. But with minutes of meeting templates from MeetingBooster, note takers can automatically distribute formatted PDF documents to all designated attendees with the click of a mouse.

Archiving Minutes of Meeting Templates

It is important for meeting participants to be able to access the minutes of meetings any time and from any computer. Storing minutes of meeting templates online is an effective method for archiving and systems like MeetingBooster make minutes accessible to anyone with viewing permission.

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Why Meeting Booster Minutes of Meeting Templates?

MeetingBooster has the best minutes of meeting templates:

  1. provide a simple structure for capturing discussions and decisions
  2. generate uniformly formatted minutes of meeting documents
  3. make it easy to distribute minutes of meeting to designated recipients
  4. provide easily accessible archive minutes of meetings for future access

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