Meeting Minutes App

Why use a minutes app

Numerous, non-formalized meetings typically produce varying styles of meeting minutes. This lack of structure negatively impacts organizations, hindering the decision making process.  In some instances it can bring a project to a screeching halt.

Using a minutes app like MeetingBooster can help bring order to the chaos, assisting organizations in formalizing meeting minutes and streamlining meeting procedures.

Benefits of a minutes app

  • Streamline note taking
  • MS Word style text formatting
  • Attach supporting files and reference hyperlinks
  • Meeting tools for decision making
  • Professional meeting minutes template styles
  • Automatic distribution of minutes
  • Online archiving
  • Permission system

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Understanding a minutes app

Meeting minutes are the written record of the discussions, decisions and tasks that take place during a meeting. Using a minutes app like MeetingBooster does away with the need of determining the correct style of minutes needed, minimizes the struggles of trying to capture all relevant information and the burden of formatting the document to meet company standards.

Using a minutes app assists Note Takers to document who said what and formats the minutes automatically.  With features like automatic-distribution and archiving, using a minutes app simplifies the meeting minutes process, adding accountability, consistency and efficiency.

MeetingBooster minutes app

There are several minutes apps available, each promoting their own feature set.  The fact remains that most apps do not give you much more than using MS Word.

MeetingBooster minutes app however is unique. Built on a permission system, user access is required to view meeting information. This means that your data is safe and accessible only to the specified users. This technology extends throughout the system. The users that are invited to the meeting are automatically granted access to the minutes, and during the meeting, note takers can access the attendee list to easily capture who said what. At the end of the meeting, the minutes app distributes a formalized minutes document to the attendees and archives the minutes, making them available for authorized users to access.

If your organization is serious about maximizing results from your meetings, MeetingBooster minutes app will rise above the competition. With unique meeting tools like voting, pro-con and rating, combined with an intuitive note taking module, MeetingBooster guarantees better results. With integration to popular webinar tools like GoToMeeting, users can run Onsite, Virtual or combo meetings. The ability to assign and swap user roles such as presenter and note taker, ensures that your audience remains engaged, while the important data is captured, organized and archived.

MeetingBooster minutes app includes a powerful search and merge function allowing you to search multiple meeting minutes and select topics, tasks or notes and merge the results into one consolidated document.  This makes the review process painless, increasing accountability and overall effectiveness of your meetings. Since users can only access information they have been authorized to see, data integrity is maintained from start to finish.

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Why MeetingBooster is the best minutes app

  1. Easily capture discussions and decisions
  2. Generate formalized meeting minutes documents automatically
  3. Distribute minutes to attendees
  4. Online archiving of  meeting minutes
  5. Permission system