Sales Meeting Agenda

Learn how to write a Sales Meeting Agenda

Preparing for a meeting always starts with a proper agenda; which is nothing more than a written plan of topics to be discussed during a meeting. Having a proper agenda prepared will make the meeting more effective and help your team to achieve more.

How to write a sales meeting agenda in 4 easy steps:

Sales Meeting Agenda

1Confirm the purpose of the sales meeting agenda

When you are writing for a specific type of meeting, like a sales meeting, it is to know the purpose of the meeting. Will your team be evaluating sales figures, or maybe it is a recurring semimonthly meeting? Knowing the purpose will assist you in creating the right type of agenda.

Since meetings are used a as a way of communicating information to people across organizations, there are a few principle functions for any meeting.

  • Inform
  • Seek ideas
  • Seek clarification
  • Resolve problems
  • Discuss proposals/ways of working
  • Take decisions
  • Settle disputes

2Select topics and times for the sales meeting agenda

When determining ideas for agenda topics, some people like to brainstorm on paper or use mind mapping software such as MatchWare MindView. Mind mapping allows you to get a visual overview of the agenda topics and mind mapping software like MindView will let you export to MS Word as the final sales meeting agenda.

Here are some topics that you may want to include in your next sales meeting agenda:

  • Current vs. Projected Sales (overall, product, region) for the period (month/qtr/year)
  • Performance Statistics
  • Industry Trends
  • New Opportunities
  • New Sales Strategy
  • Client/Customer Retention or Reselling
  • Improve Customer Service

It is important to designate times for the agenda topics. This will help keep your meeting on track. Be sure to set realistic times for topics, and it may be beneficial to review past meeting agendas to see how long a similar topic may have taken during a previous meeting.

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3Determine presenters for the sales meeting agenda topics

Although owners, executives and managers will often run their sales meetings and present the agenda topics themselves, it is important to assess employee's specialties to determine if there may be a more effective presenter for a specific topic. This may prove more difficult than you may think.

Some meetings are one sided, meaning there is a presenter and a group of attendees listening. In scenarios such as this, it is important for a presenter to take the time to ask questions and engage the audience. This will help to determine an attendee's level of knowledge on a particular topic. In a more interactive meeting setting, it may be easier to determine specific employees strengths based on their involvement and feedback during previous meetings.

Meeting management software such as MeetingBooster has built in modules to track presenter and attendee effectiveness, allowing you to determine the right presenter for the right topics.

Sales Meeting Agenda

4Write the sales meeting agenda

Once you have created a general outline of topics, you can start writing the agenda. There are several ways to write a sales meeting agenda such as using MS Word or meeting management software like MeetingBooster. Meeting Booster's agenda writing module allows users to easily enter topics, topic times and presenters. You may find it easier to determine the presenter for a topic prior to the time, to ensure their availability.

It may also be helpful to review a past sales meeting agenda or template to help expedite the creation process, or even have the ability to create your own sales meeting agenda template to help streamline the meeting process across your organization.

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Tips to writing sales meeting agenda:

  1. Insert start and end time for each topic
  2. Make sure to set aside and insert time for breaks
  3. Have colleagues or other participants review your agenda
  4. Make sure to include preparation task
  5. Remember to distribute the agenda to participants before the meeting

Using MeetingBooster to write your sales meeting agenda:

  1. Electronic topic suggestion system for participants
  2. Easy and effective tool to write and agenda
  3. Powerful time distribution tool
  4. Allocate pre meeting tasks
  5. Automatically distribution of agenda

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