Project Meeting Minutes

Free Project Meeting Minutes Templates

Need to take minutes during your next project meeting? Beneath is an example of project meeting minutes. See here how to take your own project meeting minutes.

Using Minutes software to take minutes

You can take faster and better minutes using Minutes software. Minutes software helps you streamline all the paperwork related to the meeting electronically, from the agenda to the minutes, and it can also handle all the tasks associated with such meeting activity.

Learn how to take project meeting minutes with MeetingBooster:

Learn how to create meeting minutes with MeetingBooster

Learn how to create meeting minutes

Want to take your own project meeting minutes?

Prepare your meeting by creating an agenda and distribute the agenda in good time prior to the meeting.

Then setup your minutes based on the outline of your agenda, making space so that you can include minutes and tasks for each agenda topic.

Here are two free project meeting minutes templates, one for Discussion Minutes and another for Action Minutes:

Start Taking Project Meeting Minutes with MeetingBooster Today!

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